Open Stub J-Pole

I bought a FT-991A last October to use on the HF bands, and while it worked great for that I never really bothered with a VHF/UHF antenna. That is until recently when I decided I wanted to be able to hear the repeaters on something other than an HT while sitting in the shack.

So after hearing about J-Pole antennas I did some research and came across the Open Stub J-Pole and this posting by NT1K. I decided this is what I would build as it would allow me to mount it to a railing on the deck in my back yard.

I had a friend, W8IGI, call with an invitation to Thanksgiving Dinner about 2 weeks before and got to thinking, after dinner while the ladies were gabbing, we could go play in the garage and build some antennas. So I set about to buying the materials needed.

For the rods, I found Grainger had the best price and easiest to get, though I had to wait a few days to pick it up, that was no big deal as we weren’t going to build until Thanksgiving day.

We used some scrap angle that W8IGI had in his garage for the base, and since we get tons of points from a local truck stop, used those to purchase the stud mounts. So all in all, we were out about $12 in required materials. I did purchase some vinyl caps to go over the end from amazon, but they didn’t fit very well.

The build went off fairly uneventful, but I will suggest making sure you have some sharp tap and dies, as it definitely helped when we changed to a different set.

So all in all, the antennas were made, mine is up and works great, though the SWR is just a tad high on 146.52 but I will troubleshoot that at a later date when I get an antenna analyzer.

This is my first foray into antenna building, but hopefully not my last. I had a good time, even though it was just following instructions.